18x18 Steering Committee, Chair: Eric Hagberg, Au.D.
Guides the efforts of the ADA 18x18 Initiative that seeks to amend Title 18 of the Social Security Act to achieve limited license physician status under Medicare, broadened scope of audiology services available for coverage under Medicare, and to enable Medicare beneficiaries to have their choice of qualified audiologist.

Education Committee, Chair: Larry Schmidbauer, Au.D.
Evaluates the educational needs of the audiology profession, develops educational programming which is responsive to those needs and delivers that programming through the most educationally effective and financially efficient manner, including live convention courses, webinars and through electronic and printed media.

Mentoring Committee, Chair: Jiovanne Hughart, Au.D. 

Creates and implements ADA’s comprehensive student mentoring program.

Nominating Committee, Chair: Kim Cavitt, Au.D.
Implements the Academy of Doctors of Audiology's election processes.

Early Career Resources Committee, Chairs: Chrissy Lemley, Au.D.
Develops tools and resources that support leadership for early career audiologists with and emphasis in business and practice management.

Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA), Chair: Jessica Pruett
Serves the varied needs and concerns of student and emerging graduated members of ADA.

If you are interested in serving your peers and your profession by serving on an ADA committee please contact ADA Headquarters for more information.