Customized Hearing Awareness Ads

The ADA Workgroup on Innovation has commissioned a series of print advertisements that can be customized for your use. View the different advertisements below.
ADA would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their contributions to this project:
Jason Aird, Au.D.
Curtis Alcock
Amyn Amlani, Ph.D.
Stephanie Czuhajewski, CAE
  Barry Freeman, Ph.D.
Julie Loboyko
Brian Taylor, Au.D.

Sweet Nothings Version 1

Sweet Nothings Version 2

Mishearing Version 1

Mishearing Version 2

Mishearing Version 3


Headphones Version 1

Headphones Version 2


Dinner Version 1

Dinner Version 2


Dinner Version 3

33% Version 1

33% Version 2

Rock Version 1

Rock Version 2

Miss Out Version 1

Miss Out Version 2

Every Word Version 1

Every Word Version 2