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If your company is interested in reaching the top decision makers and purchasers in audiology private practice, then the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) annual conference, AuDacity, is the event you can’t afford to miss!

AuDacity 2020 offers opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services directly to their target audience. Sign up today to exhibit at AuDacity 2020, or forge ahead and combine your exhibit with one of our sponsorship options!

All sponsors will receive a pre-conference mailing list with contact information for registered attendees, and a discount on exhibit space ($2,000 per 10x10 booth; $1000 off the non-sponsor rate).

Non-Sponsor Booth Rate is $3000 (10x10 booth). All 10 x 10 Booths Include:

  • 6’ skirted table
  • 2 chairs
  • Waste Basket

PRESENTING SPONSOR : $40,000 (exclusive)

  • Signage crediting firm as the presenting sponsor displayed throughout the plenary session day in the General Session room
  • Opportunity to display short video/slides to attendees prior to the opening Keynote presentation
  • Opportunity to welcome the audience, make a 1-3 minute speech and introduce the keynote speaker
  • Chair drop during keynote session
  • Logo on bags to be distributed to all attendees. If bags are not handed to attendees, you will receive two folio inserts instead.
  • Floor decals leading into General Session room and throughout conference space
  • Power Point slide displayed prior to each session throughout the General Session program
  • Opportunity to develop three webinars to be hosted by ADA and held during the 2020-2021 program years
  • Listed on the conference website with logo as official sponsor of enduring continuing education (to be applied for several recorded sessions after the event)
  • Opportunity to hold an ADA-sanctioned focus group
  • Use of a meeting room to entertain customers (must be requested/confirmed by August 1)
  • Signage throughout hotel
  • Six complimentary attendees
  • Invitation for two attendees to attend an exclusive dinner with the ADA Board of Directors. Date TBD.
  • Logo on ADA homepage


  • Corporate logo and recognition as the official Future Doctor of Audiology education sponsor and underwriter of AuDacity student scholarships on materials related to the student scholarship program
  • Opportunity to provide a representative to serve on the ADA Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Develop and execute three hours of student programming at AuDacity Conference
  • Floor decals leading into student classrooms and throughout conference
  • Corporate logo on student-only materials distributed at conference
  • Limited use of ADA student member list to promote corporate student resources and activities
  • Access to private meeting area to meet with customers
  • Two complimentary attendees
  • Sponsor of the ADA student event at AuDacity 2020

*Will ensure a minimum of 20 students to receive a fully funded scholarship to attend

PREMIER SPONSOR: $25,000 (two available)

  • Sponsor of ABA Tier One session
  • Floor Decals to Tier 1 sessions
  • Recognized on signage as the official sponsor(s) of Friday Dinner in Marketplace
  • Opportunity to hold Focus Group during AuDacity 2020 conference
  • Access to pre-conference attendee list
  • Gobo in Marketplace during Friday Dinner
  • Access to private meeting area to meet with customers
  • Chair drop at two sessions during the conference
  • Four complimentary attendees
  • Logo on ADA homepage
  • One folio insert

MARKETPLACE SPONSOR: $15,000 (exclusive)

  • Officially recognized sponsor of the opening networking reception in the Marketplace
  • Floor decals leading to Marketplace
  • Opportunity to speak/share a video or slideshow during the opening reception
  • One folio insert
  • Gobo in the Marketplace
  • Two complimentary attendees

GO SOCIAL SPONSOR: $15,000 (exclusive)

  • Recognition at point of entry for downloadable conference course handouts
  • Listed as official WiFi sponsor
  • Listed as official electronic polling software sponsor
  • Only e-banner on ADA conference mobile app
  • Five social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Two complimentary attendees


  • Recognition during each Innovation concurrent session
  • Slide loop before Innovation sessions
  • One folio insert
  • Recognized as a lunch/break sponsor throughout the day of Innovation sessions

NETWORKING SPONSOR: $5,000 (four available)

  • Listed as an official sponsor (with signage) at the ADA buy/sell posting board and networking area
  • Listed as an official sponsor (with signage) at the ADA employment opportunities and “Find a Fourth Year” posting board and networking area
  • Sponsor of ADA Networking Lounge in Marketplace


  • Key card advertisement ($10,000, exclusive)
  • Lanyard advertisement ($7,500, exclusive)
  • Name badges ($5,000, exclusive)
  • Hotel Room drop ($2500 + hotel cost)
  • Folio inserts ($2,000, 10 available)
  • Listed in the September, October and November eNewsletters (AuDiogram), as an official sponsor of AuDacity ($1,000)
  • Listed in email campaigns promoting AuDacity ($1,000)
  • Pre-conference email to attendees, distributed by ADA on behalf of company ($1,000)
  • Pre-conference mailing list, for onetime use only ($2,000)
  • Three total social media posts on the platform of your choice ($1,000)

ADA Sponsor/Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

Exhibit fee includes one 8’ high backwall drape, 3’ side rails, one 6’ draped table, two side chairs, one 7” x 44” identification sign, one wastebasket, two complimentary full- conference registrations for exhibit personnel, a listing on the ADA Convention Web site, a listing in Audiology Practices for the issue preceding the Convention, and a listing in the ADA Convention onsite Final Program or addendum. ADA Exhibitor Rate: $3,000 per booth

Exhibit space cannot be assigned without a signed application and payment. Please send completed exhibit application to: ADA, 446 E. High St., Suite 10 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ADA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any exhibitor for inclusion in the show and to prohibit an exhibitor from conducting and maintaining an exhibit if, in the sole judgment of ADA, the exhibitor or proposed exhibit shall in any respect be deemed unsuitable. Exhibitors will be bound by the booth construction rules for standard, perimeter, island and peninsula booths. These rules will be included in the Exhibitor Manual. Violation of the rules and regulations will be sufficient cause to require the immediate removal of the offending exhibit. If the exhibit is removed for violation of any rules, no return of exhibit space rental shall be made.

Placement of equipment must be done to avoid blocking the visibility of neighboring exhibitors. All exposed parts of a display must be finished so as not to be objectionable to other exhibitors or ADA. ADA may require the rearrangement or redecorating of any booth within the show at Exhibitor’s expense.

A complete Exhibitor Manual containing all the necessary order forms for electrical, water, furniture rental and other equipment will be e-mailed to each exhibitor in August 2020.

Hours and dates of setup, show hours and dismantling shall be specified by ADA in its bulletins. Exhibitors must arrange for the installation and dismantling of their own exhibits. Installation must be completed prior to the show opening and no exhibit may be removed prior to show closing. Exhibit space not occupied two hours before show opens may be reassigned by ADA without refund of the rental paid. All materials and installations must conform to federal, state and municipal safety and fire laws, codes, ordinances and regulations. During the course of the show, exhibitors assume the responsibility for keeping their booths clean and in good order. Damages arising from failure to observe these rules shall be paid by Exhibitor. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted on the exhibit floor during installation or dismantle. Children under 16 years of age can access the show during exhibit hours.

Admittance during non-show hours without permission from ADA is prohibited. All persons visiting the exhibit area, including exhibit booth representatives, will be required to register and to wear an appropriate badge. Exhibitors will receive two complimentary full conference badges per booth reserved, limited to the use of booth personnel. A badge registration form will be included in the Exhibitor manual sent to each exhibitor. Badges are not transferable or exchangeable from one person to another. Badges must be worn at all times for access to the exhibit hall. Exhibit booth personnel will not be permitted to enter the hall earlier than one hour before the scheduled opening time each day, except for the opening day, and must vacate the exhibit hall after the closing time each day except on the final day, unless special arrangements are made in advance with ADA show management. Only exhibitors will be allowed in the exhibit hall during installation and dismantle through the use of official exhibit hall badges or temporary set-up stickers, which will be distributed by ADA.

Exhibitors may not assign or sublet this contract, or permit others to use any contracted exhibit space. Exhibitors must show only products or services manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of business.

Each confirmed exhibitor will receive hotel reservation information in the Exhibitor manual.

No refunds will be given on reduced or cancelled space. Exhibitor, as a condition of being an Exhibitor in the show, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ADA, its directors, officers, employees or agents, from any and all loss, which Exhibitor may suffer as a result of show cancellation, duration, delay or other alterations or changes.

A complimentary mailing list will be provided to each exhibitor including each attendee’s company name, name, e-mail address, telephone number and address.

Exhibitors wishing to insure their exhibit materials against theft, damage by fire, accident or loss must do so at their expense. Each exhibiting company is responsible for obtaining insurance (liability and fire/theft) in such amounts as deemed appropriate to comply with its obligation hereunder and for its own protection. As a courtesy, perimeter guard service for the exhibit area will be furnished during hours deemed necessary by ADA. The furnishing of such service should not be interpreted as a guarantee against loss or theft of any kind.

Exhibitor-hosted meetings, functions or receptions may not conflict with any convention sessions, events or exhibit hall hours.


  • Use of Space
    All demonstrations or other promotional activities must be confined to the limits of the booth. Exhibit representatives wearing distinctive costumes or uniforms shall only appear in their own booths, except to allow for ordinary passage through the exhibit hall. Space must be provided within the booth to contain persons watching demonstrations and other activities. Booth personnel may not work in exhibit space other than their own.
  • Promotion Information
    Samples, publications, etc. may be distributed by the exhibitor only from within the exhibitor’s own booth. Solicitation of business, except by exhibiting companies, is prohibited.
  • Raffles and Drawings
    Raffles and drawings may be conducted exclusively within exhibitor’s own booth. ADA will not announce winners over the public address system. ADA is not responsible for legal implications related to holding raffles or other gaming activities.
  • Conference Final Program
    Attendees will be able to access exhibitor contact information via the convention smartphone app. This directory will be based on information received by ADA before September 30, 2020.

Exhibits should be designed to appeal to ADA professionals and students. Noisy or objectionable displays, including (but not limited to) sound effects, flashing lights, loudspeakers, or gimmicks are not permitted.

These rules may be amended at any time by ADA. These rules and regulations become a part of the contract between the exhibitor and ADA. Any matters not specifically covered by the preceding rules shall be subject solely to the decision of ADA.

Each exhibitor, for himself and his employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing Rules and Regulations and by any amendments or additions.