Monday, 26 April 2021

Advocate to Remove and Prevent Occupational Licensure Constraints for Audiology Assistants

Posted in ADA News

Read ADA’s Position Paper: Audiology Assistants and Occupational Licensure: The Risks Outweigh the Benefits

ADA recognizes the important contributions and functions of audiology assistants in private practices and other clinical settings. Audiology assistants are trained by audiologists to carry out routine tasks so that the audiologist can focus on complex clinical diagnostic and treatment procedures. Audiology assistants are an important member of the audiology care team and they improve the efficiency of audiology practices.

There have been increasing efforts by organizations, motivated by self-interest, to lobby for occupational licensure and certification requirements for audiology assistants. Such regulations, if enacted, will create significant burdens for audiology assistants and audiology practices, while awarding financial and strategic benefits to the very organizations, educational programs, and/or certifying bodies who are advocating for their implementation. Audiology assistants should not be licensed or required to be certified in any state.