Friday, 06 August 2021

#AuDvocates Aligned Online to Make MAASA Fly-in a “Virtual” Success

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Audiologists, externs, and patients representing 36 states logged in, signed on, and met with U.S. Senate and House Members and/or Congressional staffers to advocate for passage of the Medicare Audiologist Access and Services Act (H.R. 1587 and S. 1731). In total, there were 95 legislative meetings over three days, attended by 115 registered participants, who were joined by additional colleagues and staff.

Together, we were able to inform legislators about the need to align Medicare coverage with audiology licensure and to remove the unnecessary barriers and red tape that Medicare beneficiaries face in order to access audiology services.

ADA would like to thank all of the audiologists who sacrificed their time to AuDvocate this week—and also those who took on extra clinic responsibilities so that someone else in the practice could participate. Thank you to all participants for your flexibility in scheduling, your tenacity with any tech issues, your ability to think on your feet, and most importantly for sharing your knowledge and expertise with Members of Congress!

Thanks to Prime Policy Group team members Callie Barnard, Sam Lane, and Dan Brown for keeping us organized and on schedule and our lobbyists Rich Meade, Aquilla Powell, Emily Katz, Erin Graefe Dorton, and Irving Daniels for keeping us on point.

I you were unable to attend the virtual fly-in—you can still participate! Please visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ADA is grateful to T-Mobile for its support of the MAASA Senate Sign-on Challenge Virtual Fly-in and for its commitment to accessible communication services and access to hearing and balance care.


Thank You ADA AuDvocates

Debbie Abel, AuD Amyn Amlani, PhD Lindsey Anderson, AuD
Nicole Anzalone, AuD Stacey Baldwin, AuD Kristen Barton, AuD
Audra Branham, AuD Victor Bray, MSC, PhD, FNAP Kristopher Brown, BM
Robyn Browne, AuD Mindy Brudereck, AuD Kim Cavitt, AuD
Allyson Centola, AuD Rita Chaiken, AuD Mary Chatelain, AuD
Deborah Clark, AuD Mary Ann Connolly Gaskin, AuD Nancy Datino, AuD
Kristin Davis, AuD Geralyn Drumheller, AuD Kristi Dumont, AuD,CCC-A
Crystal Dvorak, AuD Carey Emmerke, AuD, CCC-A Kim Fishman, MA
Todd Gibson, Au.D. Samuel Gillespie, AuD Carly Girard, AuD
Keira Glasheen, AuD Amit Gosalia, AuD Sheri Gostomelsky, AuD
Catherine Grange, AuD Bryan Greenaway, AuD, CH-TM Peter Hart, AuD
Stephen Hart, AuD Dawn Heiman, AuD Chris Herget, AuD
Heidi Hill, AuD Sandra Hobson, AuD Briana Holtan, AuD
Cherri Hoyden, AuD Judy Huch, AuD Jiovanne Hughart, AuD
Kristie Iacuessa, AuD Amy Jacobson, AuD Julie Jones, AuD
Melissa Karp, AuD Pinky Khatri, AuD Esther Kim, AuD
Marylyn Koble, M.S., CCC-A Kyle Langfitt, AuD Chrissy Lemley, AuD
Jason Leyendecker, AuD Marianne Libeer, AuD Angela Loavenbruck, EdD
Rachel Magann Faivre, AuD Kathleen Mawson, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA Emily McMahan, AuD
Nancy McMahon, AuD Caleb McNiece, AuD Camron Meikle, AuD
Jennifer Micacci, AuD Chelsea Montgomery, AuD Emily Nairn, AuD
Maryann Nikander, AuD Ram Nileshwar, AuD Stacy O’Brien, AuD
Laura Padham, AuD Karen Pastell, AuD Erica Person, AuD
Brenna Peters, AuD Diana Peterson, AuD Christine Pickup, AuD
Donna Pitts, AuD Laura Pratesi, AuD Lisa Reedy, AuD
Erin Rellinger, AuD Krista Riccioni, MA, F-AAA Melissa Richardson, AuD
Sondra Rierson, AuD Wilder Roberts, AuD, CCC-A Amanda Rodriguez, BA
Elizabeth Rogers, AuD D'Anne Rudden, AuD Eric Sandler, ScD
Melissa Segev, Au.D James Shafer, AuD Jeffrey Shannon, AuD
Lacey Sharp, AuD Alexandra Shevelyok, AuD Carolyn Smaka, AuD
Shannon Smith, AuD Paul Sobel, AuD Alicia Spoor, AuD
Brooke Steckelberg, AuD Timothy Steele, PhD Jennifer Stinson, AuD
Rachel Stuehm, Au.D. Katherine Swem, AuD Alexandra Tarvin, AuD
Thomas Tedeschi, AuD Rebecca Thiesse, AuD Brian Urban, AuD
Samuel Vaught, AuD Alison Vega, AuD Dana Walchek, AuD
Liz White, AuD Kayla Wilkins, AuD Tim Winstead, AuD
Kate Witham, MS Rebecca Younk, AuD Suzanne Younker, AuD