Academy of Doctors of Audiology

Student Practice Management Webinar Series

The Student Academy of Doctors of Audiology (SADA) will also be hosting live webinars by experts in a variety of topics in practice management. Who can benefit from our Practice Management Webinar Series? Students who plan on becoming: clinic directors, owners of private practices, 40% of all audiologists who work in private practice at some point during their careers, and Business Plan competitors! The Webinar series is designed to aid in creating the business plan, educate students who may not have a Practice Management course, and provide the opportunity to ask questions to the experts!

Interviewing for Your Professional Positions in an AuDiology Practice Alicia Spoor, Au.D.; AuDra Branham, Au.D.; Rachel Magann Faivre, Au.D.
Business Planning and Budgeting Bob Traynor, Ed.D., MBA, FNAP
Pricing Considerations in an AuDiology Practice Amyn Amlani, PhD
Staffing Models and Scheduling Brian Urban, Au.D.; Stacy Baldwin, Au.D.
Marketing (and Physician Outreach) Tom Tedeschi, Au.D.
Change in the AuDiology Profession Dawn Heiman, Au.D.
Billing/Coding Deb Abel, Au.D.
Insurance Basics for AuDiologists Deb Abel, Au.D.
3rd Party Payers and 3rd Party Administrators Alicia Spoor, Au.D.
Buying Groups/Business Advisory Companies Brian Taylor, Au.D.
(Un)Bundling/Itemizing Alicia Spoor, Au.D.
Professional Selling Stacy O'Brien, Au.D.
Licensure/Certifications Kim Cavitt, Au.D.
Negotiating with Manufacturers Amit Gosalia, Au.D.
Ethical Concerns Jiovanne Hughart, MBA, Au.D.
How to Analyze your Practice Relative to the Competition and Strategic Development Craig Castelli
Accounting, Bookkeeping, Embezzlement Jiovanne Hughart, MBA, Au.D.
Legislation and Regulation Alicia Spoor, Au.D.
Vestibular Care Richard Gans, Au.D.