Academy of Doctors of Audiology
November 20, 2023
Announcement for SADA Elections
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Attention SADA Members,

We have the following positions open on the SADA Board for the 2024 calendar year. If you will be a student during the spring semester of 2024, you are eligible to run for a position. If you are interested, please complete the online form by Friday, December 1st.

Please also spread the word!


  • Position Description: The President will be the principal volunteer officer of SADA and will preside at all SADA meetings. Meetings are to be held once per month. SADA President will serve as the leader of SADA and serve as the liaison between SADA and the ADA Board of Directors.
  • Position Duties: Oversee monthly SADA meetings and attend monthly ADA meetings as liaison and provide information between boards. Delegate projects for SADA board of directors to achieve a unique vision. Attend various committee meetings as requested by committee chairs to support strategic initiatives.

Vice President

  • Position Description: The Vice President co-leads initiatives to advance SADA objectives with the President and other members of the SADA Board. Serves as a liaison to all SADA committees. Assumes the role of President, should the President have to vacate the post.
  • Position Duties: Attend various committee meetings as requested by committee chairs to support strategic initiatives. Assist the President in completing assigned duties and serve as a back-up liaison as needed to the ADA Board of Directors and to other organizations.

Advocacy Chair

  • Position Description: The Advocacy Chair will be integrated into the ADA Advocacy Steering Committee and will serve as a liaison to SADA.
  • Position Duties: Attend ADA Advocacy Steering Committee meetings (held approximately quarterly); Promote and advance support for ADA and SADA advocacy initiatives; and assist Communications Chair with disseminating information about ADA and SADA advocacy initiatives. Attend ADA Lobby Day as available.

Membership Relations Chair

  • Position Description: The Membership Relations Chair will lead outreach efforts to promote ADA programs and services and SADA to Au.D. students as well as lead the SADA program liaisons.
  • Position Duties: Work on creative ways to spread the word about SADA and how to get involved by getting students the information they need. Recruit motivated students and help transition them into fully-fledged ADA members upon graduation. Provide resources to program liaisons and support student participation on a wider scale with AuD programs across the country.

Communications Chair

  • Position Description: The Communication Chair will lead efforts to develop and disseminate information to Au.D. students and other constituents about activities related to SADA and ADA student programming.
  • Position Duties: Work with each of the committees to help spread SADA’s initiatives and messages. Keep members up-to-date with current information and hot topics through social media outlets as well as SADA’s quarterly AuDiogram newsletter. If you are tech savvy, creative, have passion for today’s hot topics in audiology, or love to write, then this is the chair for you.

Education Chair

  • Position Description: The Education Chair will serve as a liaison to the ADA education committee, will lead efforts to develop educational programming and resources that will be useful to ADA student members.
  • Position Duties: Attend monthly AuDacity meetings. Serve fellow audiology students with the resources everyone needs to get through graduate school. Work on developing educational programming and resources for handling the stress of school, clinic, doctoral projects, job searching, and how to access ADA’s resources!

Fundraising Chair

  • Position Description: The Fundraising Chair will work with the ADA executive director to lead efforts to identify funding sources for SADA initiatives.
  • Position Duties: Support student initiatives by working to obtain funding from outside sources to support SADA. Come up with new, creative ideas for SADA fundraisers throughout the year, and have fun while doing it!