Academy of Doctors of Audiology
June 18, 2024
AuDacity Brings In Leading Voices in Audiology Advocacy
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AuDacity will feature two great advocacy sessions, designed to advance ADA’s mission to advance practitioner excellence, high ethical standards, professional autonomy, and sound business practices in the provision of audiologic care.

The Intra State—The State of State Advocacy in Audiology will focus on state-level advocacy efforts aimed at the following:

  • Modernizing audiology's practice statutes to reflect contemporary clinical competencies and the expanding role of audiologists.
  • Ensuring that state laws are updated to reflect necessary changes resulting from the FDA implementation of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription hearing aid regulations
  • Fortifying consumer protection laws to ensure that only appropriately trained and qualified individuals deliver audiologic services.

Panelists include Jana Brown, Au.D. (Maryland), Deb Abel, Au.D. (North Carolina), Nikki Kopetzky, Au.D. (Nebraska), and Natalie McKee, Au.D., (Illinois).

Into the Fray: Federal Advocacy Workshop will highlight federal-level legislative and regulatory activities that aim to improve consumer access to audiology services, enhance transparency, and promote improved coverage for audiology services.

Panelists include Mike Merola, Winning Strategies Washington, Alicia Spoor, Au.D., ADA Advocacy Committee Chair, and Stephanie Czuhajewski, MPH, CAE, ADA Executive Director.

Participants will gain insights into the latest trends and legislative developments impacting the audiology profession. Experts will share successful advocacy strategies, including how to effectively engage with policymakers, build coalitions, and mobilize grassroots support, as well as lessons learned. Attendees will also explore the implications of modernized practice standards on public safety and patient outcomes.

By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with practical tools and resources to advocate for legislative changes in their respective states, ensuring that the scope of practice for audiologists is comprehensive, current, and capable of meeting the needs of a diverse patient population.

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