Academy of Doctors of Audiology
March 01, 2024
Important information about managed care rebate programs
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Recently, Cigna Healthcare, Amplifon Hearing Health Care (AHHC) and ADA became aware that some hearing aid manufacturers are paying providers rebates to encourage the use of the manufacturer’s devices for managed care patients. Rebate amounts are based on technology tiers and providers are paid a higher rate for recommending premium hearing aids.

Cigna Healthcare, AHHC and ADA recommend that network providers do not participate in managed care rebate programs.

Provider participation in these rebate programs is in direct opposition to AHHC's financial incentive policy, ADA's Code of Ethics, and could be found to violate the federal Anti-Kickback Statute. Manufacturer discount or rebate programs can present a conflict of interest that may compromise professional clinical judgment. Managed care rebate programs that seek to arbitrarily steer a health plan member toward a premium technology product, from a preferred manufacturer, benefit the manufacturer and the provider, not the patient.

Cigna Healthcare, AHHC and ADA are proud to be affiliated with highly qualified, ethical providers. We recognize that, while hearing aids are an important tool in the management of hearing loss, the expert care that you provide is the key to outstanding patient outcomes.

Thank you for all you do for our members and your patients.